How Does Dental Insurance Differ from Health Insurance?

March 3, 2023

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If you have dental and health insurance, you’ve done well to provide a safety net for yourself; this coverage will allow you to receive virtually any type of medical care you might possibly need without completely depleting your bank account! However, you might be wondering why there is a distinction between health and dental insurance—and it could be causing you some confusion! Here’s everything you need to know about dental and health insurance and their differences.

The Key Differences Between Dental and Health Insurance

The main difference between dental and health insurance lies in what each respective category provides coverage for. Dental insurance is geared toward oral care, and more often than not, is focused on preventing issues from occurring in the first place by having patients attend checkups and undergo cleanings (these visits are often fully covered). Although there’s always a possibility of experiencing a dental emergency, people who have affordable access to routine preventive care are far less likely to encounter issues.

Health insurance, on the other hand, is meant to protect you from the burden of having to pay for large medical expenses. This is due to the rising cost of medical care, and medical insurance providers must consider the possibility of an unexpected illness or injury afflicting a person and costing them financially. In short, dental insurance focuses on preventive care to offset costly future treatments, while health insurance focuses on making unexpected care more affordable.

Why Is Dental Insurance Separate from Health Insurance?

Believe it or not, the dental and medical fields have been separated for quite some time; the medical field has never accepted dentistry as part of its practice, and dental insurance came into existence about a century after medical insurance! This is mostly due to the separate educational paths that doctors and dentists tread, coupled with how their respective practices are set up and operated.

But despite this rift, medical and dental carriers alike form relationships with networks of doctors and dental practices that are represented in their policies. This provides you with the best possible coverage for your money. In any case, having both forms of coverage is advisable—even though dentistry and general medicine are separate, it’s clear they both contribute greatly to overall wellness, with the impact that gum disease has on cardiovascular health being one of the most observable examples.

Insurance policies can be confusing, especially if you’re trying to distinguish between dental and health coverage. However, understanding how each plan functions will ultimately allow you to affordably take care of yourself, no matter what issues you might face!

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