New Patients – Worcester, MA

Making Your First Visit Easy & Enjoyable

Woman smiling during dental treatment visit

Visiting the dentist can be a hassle, between navigating your dental insurance benefits to finding a convenient time in your schedule to plan a visit, which is why many people skip the dentist altogether. Unfortunately, that could lead to worsening oral health problems and the need for extensive dental treatments. Our dentistry team does everything we possibly can to make each of your visits as smooth-sailing and enjoyable as possible. Below, we’ve included all of the important information you need to know for your first appointment with us. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our dental team directly.

Your First Visit

When you first approach our front desk, you’ll be warmly greeted and our team will have you fill out your new patient forms if you haven’t already completed them. We’ll give you a short tour of the dental office and introduce you to the dentist and hygienist who will be taking care of you. After capturing X-rays, your dentist will conduct a thorough visual examination of your teeth and gums and address any concerns. Finally, our hygienist will brush, floss, and polish your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling refreshed and in great shape!

Dental Patient Forms

We ask that all of our new patients please download and fill out their forms before visiting our dental office so they don’t have to do so in the waiting room. If you have any questions or need assistance accessing them, please contact our team.

Download Our Forms

Dental Insurance

Our team is proud to accept all PPO dental insurance plans whether we’re in-network or not. We’re happy to file claims on your behalf to help maximize your benefits, and we’re also in-network with several insurance plans, so you can enjoy discounted rates and fees when you see us! If you’re unsure of what your benefits cover or want to learn more about how dental insurance works, we invite you to click on the link below.

Learn More About Dental Insurance

We Accept Medicaid

Our team is happy to accept Medicaid and MassHealth and we do everything we can for patients with these plans to use their benefits to the fullest. We regularly see patients with Medicaid, too, which means we’re well-versed in submitting claims and knowing the ins-and-outs of what they’ll cover. The state of Massachusetts covers a wide range of services for adults over 21, including cleanings, restorations like crowns and dentures, deep cleanings for patients with periodontal disease, extractions, and much more.

CareCredit Financing

If you don’t have dental insurance or Medicaid or you have a high out-of-pocket cost, you can take advantage of CareCredit, a trusted third-party financer. CareCredit allows you to separate the cost of treatment into smaller, more manageable monthly payments at little-to-no interest. It’s great for patients who have a strict monthly budget but are dedicated to caring for their smile. To learn whether you qualify, complete the application on their website linked below!

Apply for CareCredit