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Everything You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

April 3, 2024

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an oral cancer awareness month ribbon and banner

Oral cancer is a menace; and though this disease often flies under the radar, it has the potential to cause serious lasting damage to your smile—or worse. But by understanding the risk factors, symptoms, and importance of routine screening and preventive care, we can empower ourselves to combat this disease effectively. In recognition of Oral Cancer Awareness Month this April, here’s some useful information about oral cancer, as well as some ways you can actively lower your risk and enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy smiling!


3 Characteristics of an Ideal Dental Implant Candidate

March 2, 2024

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a closeup of a model of dental implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there’s perhaps no option as fantastic as dental implants. They’re capable of assisting patients with varying degrees of tooth loss, and can restore teeth in terms of look, feel, and functionality for up to several decades. That said, not everyone with missing teeth is immediately eligible for dental implants, and certain characteristics stand out as ideal for potential candidates. Here’s a closer look at the three things that you’ll want to have if you’re interested in getting dental implants to restore your smile.


Can My Genes Influence the Color of My Teeth?

February 2, 2024

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a before and after comparison of a whitened smile

If you’re unhappy with your smile due to the color of your teeth, you aren’t alone—the demand for cosmetic dentistry has roughly doubled in the last few years as patients all over seek services like teeth whitening to brighten their smiles and livelihoods. That said, your teeth might’ve always seemed a little duller than you’d like, even despite your daily oral hygiene efforts. Did you know this might have something to do with your genes? Here’s more about this curious link.


How Dental Implants Can Make You Look Remarkably Younger

January 3, 2024

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a patient with dental implants smiling

When it comes to replacing lost teeth, dental implants are considered the gold standard for several reasons. They’re remarkably durable and capable of lasting for several decades, they’re custom-made to look exactly like natural teeth, and of course, they restore oral functionality to an impressive degree, which allows patients to enjoy all sorts of foods once more. That said, perhaps one of the coolest benefits of dental implants is the fact that they tend to make patients look younger and fresher in the face! Here’s a little more about dental implants and how they’re capable of turning back the clock in order to give patients a rejuvenated, youthful new look.


Should I Expect Pain During a Teeth Cleaning?

December 2, 2023

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a woman having her teeth cleaned

If you’d rather be in any other place in the world than your dentist’s office, you aren’t alone—however, this fear can prove quite detrimental to your oral health if it causes you to skip out on your routine preventive dental care. These visits are instrumental in keeping your mouth in tip-top shape and your teeth sparkling clean; however, many patients wonder if there’s any pain involved in these checkups. Continue reading below to learn more about teeth cleanings and why you don’t need to worry about pain during these visits, along with some tips for ensuring a smooth experience!


5 Foods That Are Certain to Cause a Dental Dilemma

November 2, 2023

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It’s happened to all of us at one point in our lives—that annoying sensation of food stuck between our teeth, causing discomfort and sometimes embarrassment. While it’s a common occurrence for some, there are certain foods that are notorious for getting wedged in those hard-to-reach spaces within our mouths. Continue reading below to learn more about a few foods that your dentist thinks are problematic for one’s smile due to their tendency to become stuck between teeth!


It’s Dental Hygiene Awareness Month! Here Are 5 Oral Care Habits You Can Implement Today

October 5, 2023

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Happy couple smiling while brushing their teeth at home

October isn’t just the month of Halloween, it’s also a month filled with national and global holidays, including World Vegetarian Day and National Taco Day. Turns out, it’s also Dental Hygiene Awareness Month! So, if your brushing and flossing routine took a backseat this summer, don’t worry – there’s no time like the present to implement the below oral care habits to get back on track.


I’ve Had Missing Teeth for a While: Can I Still Get Dentures?

September 2, 2023

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a closeup of a patient holding her dentures

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dentures are perhaps one of the most recognizable and tried-and-true solutions out there! These lifelike restorations have helped countless patients rebuild their smiles in terms of appearance and functionality, regardless of how many teeth they’ve lost. But what about patients who’ve been without their pearly whites for quite some time—is there a certain point when dentures are no longer an option due to the associated bone loss caused by missing teeth? Continue reading below to learn more.


Why You Should Pick a Dentist with an Intraoral Camera

August 3, 2023

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a dentist using an intraoral camera on a patient

Technology is universally viewed as a blessing—and thanks to constant advancements in new cutting-edge machinery, tools, and methods, dentistry is just one of the many fields that have greatly benefitted from continuous innovation. One new product that allows dentists to provide top-notch care is the intraoral camera, a unique tool that greatly expands what patients and providers alike are able to see. Here’s a brief overview of how this device works and a few of the notable advantages it brings to the table—or in this case, your dentist’s instrument tray!


Why Does My Jaw Hurt on Only One Side?

July 2, 2023

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a patient suffering from jaw pain

Everybody experiences jaw pain at some point in their lifetime—and sometimes the world feels like it’s coming to a screeching halt when your mouth is really bothering you! But what if the pain is only on one side of your jaw; is this even more serious than usual, and does it warrant a trip to your emergency dentist’s office? Keep reading to learn more about some of the possible causes of pain on one side of your mouth, along with why seeking treatment is always going to be in your best interest.

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