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Outstanding Dental Care Made Affordable

a child visiting the dentist

It goes without saying that dental insurance plans can sometimes be difficult to navigate; and if you’re trying to weigh options such as Mass Health or CHIP, you might be a little lost amidst all of the varying coverage options and complicated policies. But this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from trying to figure out how your plan works; fortunately, our team is here to help! Contact us today to set up a visit for you or a family member so that we can get you the high-quality care that you deserve at a cost you can afford.

Children’s Mass Health & CHIP: How Do They Work?

a child visiting the dentist

Both Children’s Mass Health and CHIP, which stands for Children’s Health Insurance Program, are designed for families that cannot afford traditional dental insurance. They basically reduce out-of-pocket costs for qualifying patients under the age of 18, thereby making necessary dental care much less of a financial burden on families. These plans generally have annual benefit maximums, but even if the maximum is met, it’s still possible to get preventive, diagnostic, and medically necessary services covered once they’ve been approved.

Dental Services Covered Under CHIP & Children’s Mass Health Plans

When your child or family member is enrolled in one of these programs, they’re entitled to several different types of services including things like:

  • Two checkups and cleanings every calendar year
  • Any necessary X-rays
  • Fillings, dental crowns, and root canal therapy
  • Fluoride treatments at each of their biannual checkups
  • Tooth extractions and other medically necessary treatments

Services that typically aren’t covered include things like general anesthesia, IV sedation, orthodontic treatment, and most cosmetic services. If you have specific questions about whether a treatment is covered or not, don’t hesitate to ask us directly!

Mass Health Dental Coverage for Adults

an adult visiting the dentist

Here at Community Dentists of Worcester, we’d be pleased to help walk you through your benefits as an adult and help you understand the verbiage of your coverage. Just keep in mind that while emergency services are often included in Mass Health benefits for adults, preventive services, as well as orthodontics and most restorative services, are not. That said, the out-of-pocket cost you’ll spend on preventive services will be incredibly cheaper than what you’d spend on urgent care in the event of an emergency!

Prevention Is the Key to a Healthy Smile

a parent and child brushing their teeth

The bottom line is that in the grand scheme of things, dental checkups and cleanings, as well as other forms of preventive care like fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings and more, are all incredibly cost-effective and absolutely beneficial for your family’s oral health! It’s simply always going to be cheaper to address a dental problem sooner rather than later, while it’s less costly and not as severe. However, by that same logic, it’s even more cost-effective to prevent those issues from occurring in the first place. This is just a long way of saying that when it comes to a healthy smile, prevention is key!