Should I Expect Pain During a Teeth Cleaning?

December 2, 2023

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If you’d rather be in any other place in the world than your dentist’s office, you aren’t alone—however, this fear can prove quite detrimental to your oral health if it causes you to skip out on your routine preventive dental care. These visits are instrumental in keeping your mouth in tip-top shape and your teeth sparkling clean; however, many patients wonder if there’s any pain involved in these checkups. Continue reading below to learn more about teeth cleanings and why you don’t need to worry about pain during these visits, along with some tips for ensuring a smooth experience!

Why Are Teeth Cleanings Necessary?

The bottom line is that no matter how fancy your toothbrush is, and no matter how diligent you are about using it, you simply cannot fully clean your teeth entirely on your own. This isn’t your fault by any means—over time, food debris and bacteria can remain under the radar until they begin causing dental problems. While you can mitigate many of these issues on your own, only by visiting your dentist for regular cleanings can you ensure that your smile is fully protected.

These visits allow your dentist to carefully remove built-up plaque that coats your teeth. If left unaddressed, this plaque can form tartar which causes tooth decay. It can also trigger inflammation in the gums, leading to periodontal disease.

Do Teeth Cleanings Hurt?

Teeth cleanings are fairly straightforward; your dentist and their team have access to specialized tools that can safely and effectively remove plaque and leave your teeth much cleaner and polished. The entire process can be completed within a single appointment, and it’s standard to undergo it two times every year.

That said, it’s possible for this experience to be slightly painful, usually due to patients waiting too long in-between visits. Your immune system responds to plaque buildup on your teeth, which makes your gums feel more sensitive to the touch. It’s sort of like pulling a band-aid off of a wound; since the skin underneath is extra sensitive, it reacts to losing its cover, and you feel a sting. Similarly, as your dentist removes built-up plaque, you might feel a little pain, especially if it’s been some time since your last visit.

How Can I Ensure a Pain-Free Experience?

The simplest way to avoid dental pain during any sort of dental checkup is to simply keep up with the regular maintenance of your teeth at home—which means daily brushing and flossing. This also includes keeping up with your checkups and not falling behind on professional dental care. You can also consider taking an over-the-counter painkiller beforehand, or switching to a desensitizing toothpaste.

When it comes to oral hygiene, consistency is key, and those patients who take optimal care of their teeth and gums experience far fewer painful issues, as well as pain that’s triggered during dental treatment. Finally, it’s worth noting that since your dentist’s top priority is your comfort, they won’t subject you to any needless discomfort—so you should head to your provider’s office with confidence, rather than reluctance!

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