4 Ways to Ensure a Speedy Invisalign Process

May 3, 2023

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Invisalign is one of the coolest and most innovative dental solutions around! By utilizing special clear aligner technology, teeth can be shifted into a straighter and healthier position with far less hassle, and often a shorter time commitment, than traditional metal braces. That said, many patients wonder if there’s anything they can actually do to speed up their Invisalign treatment. By doing things correctly and considering options like AcceleDent, you can! Here’s more.

Wear Your Aligners as Instructed

Invisalign needs to be worn as intended for your teeth to shift properly. This means that you’re expected to wear your aligners for roughly 20 – 22 hours each day; pretty much any time you aren’t eating or brushing your teeth! If you aren’t wearing your trays for hours or even days at a time, it can cause significant delays to your treatment process; adhering to the 22-hour rule will keep everything moving as planned. If you aren’t wearing your aligners, be sure to keep them in their case so you don’t lose them—this will set you back!

Attend Your Progress Checks

You’ll need to visit your provider for brief progress checks every so often; these visits are usually quick and straightforward, and they help keep things on track. During them, your provider will conduct any necessary adjustments and inspect your aligners for any problems or abnormalities. For a speedier timeline, always see your dentist when they recommend it!

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Simply put, poor oral health can set back your treatment progress; if issues pop up that affect your teeth, their movement might also be impacted! But by keeping your teeth and your aligners clean, you’re fostering an ideal environment for your aligners to do their job. It’s also sensible to avoid consuming excess sugar or acidic consumables since your teeth won’t be able to move correctly if you’re suffering from tooth decay, gum disease, or some other issue.

Consider AcceleDent

One of the best ways to accelerate the Invisalign process is by using Acceledent. This unique system helps your teeth move much more efficiently, allowing you to advance to the next set of aligners faster and finish your treatment at a much quicker pace. With AcceleDent, micro pulses are sent into the teeth, stimulating blood flow, and improving the speed at which the jaw remodels.

The Invisalign process takes time; it isn’t something that’ll magically happen overnight! However, by following these tips, you can ensure that your trays can do their job at a fast pace.

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