Why You Should Pick a Dentist with an Intraoral Camera

August 3, 2023

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a dentist using an intraoral camera on a patient

Technology is universally viewed as a blessing—and thanks to constant advancements in new cutting-edge machinery, tools, and methods, dentistry is just one of the many fields that have greatly benefitted from continuous innovation. One new product that allows dentists to provide top-notch care is the intraoral camera, a unique tool that greatly expands what patients and providers alike are able to see. Here’s a brief overview of how this device works and a few of the notable advantages it brings to the table—or in this case, your dentist’s instrument tray!

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is arguably one of the most important tools that a dentist has access to, and it’s perhaps their most effective means for communicating with and educating their patients. It’s essentially a tiny digital camera that enables dentists to capture images of difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth, which is useful for uncovering hidden issues. The camera looks like a writing pen with a tiny lens fitted on its tip. It’s connected to a computer and the real-time images it captures inside of a patient’s mouth are viewable on a screen.

3 Awesome Benefits of Visiting a Dentist with an Intraoral Camera

Here are three noteworthy benefits that patients gain access to when they visit a dentist that utilizes this technology:

#1. Allows for Earlier Detection of Oral Health Issues

Prevention is one of the main pillars of dentistry; it’s simply easier to prevent problems from occurring rather than treating them after the fact, and the intraoral camera makes this possible. Tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health issues aren’t always easily identifiable, but an intraoral camera makes early detection easier thanks to its magnifying capabilities. In turn, this can make any future treatment potentially less invasive, time-consuming, or expensive!

#2. Assists with Documentation and Record-Keeping

If you have any oral conditions that need to be monitored over time, an intraoral camera can take clear pictures that are capable of being digitally and indefinitely stored. This detailed level of record-keeping serves many purposes, but mainly, it allows your dentist to chart your oral health and any corresponding treatments over time without fear of missing details or records. This documentation is also valuable for insurance purposes.

#3. Facilitates a Positive Dentist-Patient Relationship

An intraoral camera can noticeably boost the level of engagement between a dentist, their team, and the patient sitting in the treatment chair. Your dentist no longer needs to struggle to try to articulate in plain English what’s happening inside your mouth—they can simply show you! This ultimately fosters a positive experience during the appointment and increases the overall level of trust between patient and provider. Plus, it also showcases the dentist’s proficiency in using technology, thus increasing their overall credibility and commitment to care.

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